solar rooftop canopy
Specially crafted to upgrade the magnificence of your rooftop.

Solarocta Modular Canopy

The exceptional completion guarantees a consistent augmentation of your rooftop, drawing visual and aesthetic attention with high performance savings on your electricity bills.

Best-in-class equipments for ensuring long term performance.


The extra bucks spent initially promise the longevity and great performance of your solar plant.

Elevated solar installation
Harness electricity without any compromise of your roof space.


Elevated canopy style solar plant sports a structure that is weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and built to withstand more than 160kmph of wind. It gives you a roof clearance of 8 feet.

low rise solar install
Low-Rise Solar Rooftop Powerplant


Best suited for shortest period of return on investment with high performance and savings on electricity bills.


net metering

Net Metering

We ensure the commissioning of the net-meter, as per applicable policies, so that your savings start from day 1.

solar monitoring

Remote Monitoring System

Offering IOT enabled 24*7 monitoring solutions to keep track of your solar energy generation with reports of the savings provided by switching to solar.

solar panel cleaning


SolarOcta provides a free 2-year annual maintenance package to all our customers. Check our FAQ page to know more.

rupee symbol


SolarOcta helps customers to get an EMI-based term loan for saving the environment by opting for a Rooftop Solar Power Plant!