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SolarOcta's extensive experience in design and installation of power plants helps to leverage our know-how to develop efficient solar plants for you. Whatever be your budget, with our best-in-class equipment partners you can be sure of getting bang for the buck.

Solar Energy PV plants require a robust technical design, careful thought and detailed project planning. Minor deviation from the optimal design can significantly impact the performance of your plant and reduce return on investment. Over the years, this can snowball into a substantial amount. Thus, you need to partner with the right consulting firm.  

We ensure that your plant is maintained and efficiently managed to operate at the highest level of power generation. We deploy state-of-the-art, real-time monitoring systems that help with preventive maintenance to rule out potential threats before they impact production. Our quick response team keeps a watchful eye & is ready to take rapid action to prevent downtime.

Produce Your Own Electricity

Solar is for everyone. Run your Business. Power your Home.
It's the perfect time to Opt for Solar Energy!

    INDIA’s 1st Sustainable Rooftop Developer

    Practice Green Building Design philosophy starting
    with your Installation of a Solar Rooftop Canopy,
    because Harnessing the Power of SUN is easier than ever.
    Green Rooftops make this planet Cleaner & Greener.
    Reduce Your Carbon Footprints and Electricity Bills at the same time while enjoying a Sustainable Lifestyle in the Urban City environment.

    roof terrace for solar rooftop canopy installed

    Solar Rooftop is a Safe Investment

    Slightly higher initial investment gives 50% more returns in the long term.

    Sustainability Rooftop Lounge has higher returns than Economy Model

    Why Chose Us?

    Engineering is our core value.

    - State of the art softwares are used for plant designing.


    - We help customers make the best decision with flexible installation options. 

    Detailed Management

    - From Consultancy to Procurement & Installation, we provide hassle-free experience to our customers.

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    Solar Energy Production Seasonality

    Solar Panel Performance Variation by Season.





    Quality Solar Installation

    Here's a Glimpse of our Workflow

    Call from the customer
    We Listen

    On first call/meet, we listen to you and your requirement. We require basic data for our analysis like past bills and site photos. Then we schedule a call-back.

    solar roof dimensions
    Site Audit
    Layout Design

    Our team makes an appointment for Site Visit and takes measurements to checks feasibility (shadow-free, south direction obstructions, etc.)

    3D Designing
    Component Selection

    Next step, our team designs a 3D layout of the site along with feasibility analysis, and using our proprietory software we calculate the ROI and Profitability. Then a quotation is prepared which is competitive in nature with suitable component selection which gives max result.

    Delivering our quality

    After project agreements, we start with installation by our Solar experts which is our in-house trained team of experts and engineers.

    All ready!

    All inspections are performed and all boxes are ticked - the Solar Plant gets commissioned.

    Sustainability Products

    Solar Panels & Inverters

    Sun is the Ultimate Energy Source

    Helps Saving Electricity Bills

    Environment Friendly

    Advanced Technology

    Check out Our Solar Plants and what we’ve been actively working on.

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