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Minimize your electricity bills by using this Cheap, Clean, Green & Renewable Resource.

Renewable Energy is the Future!
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Contribute to India's 2022 Renewable Energy Target of 227 Gigawatts !

We make Sustainable Rooftop Canopy Systems common to you.
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Sustainability Development

Sustainable Business Model is followed that seeks economic growth, social progress, and environmental balance with goals of improving the lives of present and future generation.

Technology Industry

We design solutions that address the major challenges.

Put the sun to work

Use this Cheap, Green, Clean, and Renewable Resource.

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SolarOcta –
INDIA’s 1st Sustainable Rooftop Developer! 

Practice Green Building Design Philosophy starting with your Installation of a Solar Rooftop Canopy,
because Harnessing The Power of SUN is Now Easier than Ever.
Green Rooftops are Probably the Best Way to Make this Planet Cleaner & Greener,
Reducing Your Carbon Footprints, and Your Electricity Bills
while enjoying a Sustainable lifestyle in the Urban City environment.

We select the best products for implementing your Rooftop SPV power Plants.
We facilitate customers to get EMI-based term loans depending on the project size and customer profile.
Product Design Consultancy & Research and Development is the Core Vision for Our company.
We offer customized water management solutions to sync-in and control the run-off water.
In Support of “Make in India”, we are working towards empowering the MSME sector, in manufacturing of Products and Services.
We provide Solutions with Anaerobic Biodigester and aerobic Composting systems for management of biodegradable waste.
Converting your Kitchen Waste into biogas and a potent natural liquid fertilizer.
Develop and grow your urban garden, improving your energy security, allowing at site waste disposal, reducing your Carbon Footprints.

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KWp EPC Installations


KWp I&C Portfolio

Installation Process

Here’s a glimpse of our workflow

Call from the customer

We Listen

On a first call/meet we listen to you and your requirement. We require basic data for our analysis namely past bills and site photos (remote assessment). Then we schedule a call back.

Site Audit

Layout Design

Our team makes an appointment for Site Visit and takes measurements and checks feasibility (shadow-free, south direction obstructions, etc.)

3D Designing and Component Selection

Next step, our team designs a 3D layout of the site along with feasibility analysis, and using our proprietory software we calculate the ROI and Profitability. Then a quotation is prepared which is competitive in nature and suitable component selection which gives max result.

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After project agreements, we start with installation by our Solar experts which is our in-house trained team of experts and engineers.


All inspections are performed and all boxes are ticked - the Solar Plant gets commissioned.

Check out the solar plants and what we’ve been actively working on.

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